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About Luke

Luke Webster Counellor Psychotherapist

Hello, I'm Luke and I'm a man on a mission to help people feel better, think differently and gain the tools they need to succeed

Working with people and helping them has always been a passion of mine. Being in the position of counsellor means that I get to journey alongside so many people, seeing them develop and reach their therapeutic goals. My goal is not just to help clients through their current situation but to empower clients to face future circumstances with confidence in their psychological wellbeing.

What Will Happen In Our Session?

Coming to therapy can be scary. Here is a window into what a session could look like.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by the receptionist who will contact me to let me know you have arrived. I will come and meet you and show you to the room. I will offer you a tea, coffee or water for our session, I normally have a coffee depending on what time of day it is. once you're settled in, I will ask you if you have any questions about counselling or what will happen. This is a great opportunity to get a better idea of how things run.


Counselling is a dynamic process and can be different for everyone however it normally begins with me asking you what has happened to you, how you're feeling and the way you're thinking about it. We have a conversation with a purpose to explore the challenge that you're facing and to help you to gain the strength and psychological tools you need to move forward.

The sessions will always be steered by what you want and how you want things to go. I will often begin our time with a statement like 'what would you like to talk about today?' or 'how would you like this to be different?' The answers to these questions will make sure that all the work we do stays on track with your desires.

I will sometimes ask questions, sometimes I will reflect how you're feeling and the way you're thinking about things, this can be very helpful to explore the topic. There may be times that it is helpful to write some things down or to do some practical tasks. It will always be a choice for you to talk about a certain topic or partake in a task. As we are going through the process, you will hear me use the phrase 'would you feel comfortable telling me more about that?'

Therapy can be relieving and you can feel like you're lighter and happier after a session. It can also feel like a really difficult grind. Both experiences can be telling that the session is working and change is happening within you. It's always good to leave some time after your session for you to 'switch gears' and to reflect on your experience.

If you have any questions about how the sessions run or what goes on in the content of the session, don't hesitate to ask.

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