About Luke

Hello, I'm Luke and I'm a man on a mission to help people feel better, think differently and gain the tools they need to succeed

Working with people and helping them has always been a passion of mine. Being in the position of counsellor means that I get to journey alongside so many people, seeing them develop and reach their therapeutic goals. My goal is not just to help clients through their current situation but to empower clients to face future circumstances with confidence in their psychological wellbeing.

My Philosophy

People are like plant-animal-robots.

I have a firm belief that all people are valuable, powerful and can make change in their life. I believe that people deserve their autonomy and my one goal is to honour people and their decisions they make.

With that in mind, let me explain what I mean by plant-animal-robots. I like nothing better than having a really good nights rest in a comfy bed where I feel cozy, a big breakfast of good food with good friends, the kind of friends who I can be totally myself around but who aren't afraid to give me a push when I need it. From then, it would be going to work in my favourite job where I get home from a day and feel achieved. After a day like this, I would feel like I could achieve anything, conquer anything, do anything I wanted to. Anyone else with me? It's kind of like a plant. If you give it the right amount of light, water, space and nutrients, it would grow all by itself. I believe that people are like plants, If you give them what they need, they will grow.

Well how about animal? I guess I really mean wild and unconscious. Have you noticed how pregnant women are often reported to have cravings for foods and drinks that they never really liked before? Or they suddenly despise their favourite snack? This isn't just about food or water but about a lot of really important things too. When we are shocked and a surprise or an awesome story, we open our mouths, gasp and open our eyes wide. This reaction is universal across all demographics. This reaction is a physical reaction that prepares our body for fight or flight. We open our eyes to gather as much information as we can (to see if there is a lion about to jump on us) and we take a sharp breath in so that we are physically ready to run away or to fight. This response is inbuilt into us from birth. These examples are simple illustrations of intrinsic social and behavioural phenomenon that change the way we behave and the way we think. Sometimes we are driven by our unconscious.

So how then are people like robots? Well, you've all heard it said that parents don't want their children falling in with the 'wrong crowd'. Why is that? Because we all know that we as people are influenced by what we take in. We are worried that the child will be exposed to things that may harm them. If I ate cake with my best friend every day at lunch time for a month, just before lunch time every day, I would start to get excited and my tummy would start rumbling but I wouldn't want a sandwich, I would be hungry only for cake! In this way we can 'program' ourselves to do certain things, to act certain ways towards people or to be a certain person. This extends even to the way we feel. People can be like robots. 

My hope is that you realise that I'm not calling people mindless plant-animal-robots. I'm saying that there are so many things that influence us and that sometimes, in understanding those things, we can better leverage them to help us succeed.

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